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Security is a basic requirement of an organization in the world to keep their information secure from their competitors. AES is the most recent algorithm which includes encryption with the help of reliable keys. It is used to protect the data including banking, financial, and government information. In this paper we analyzed various parameters of encryption(More)
Boost-flyback converter can be regarded as a combination of boost and flyback circuit. The leakage inductance of the transformer serves as the energy inductance of boost converter. In this paper, a new strategy which applies boost-flyback topology to a photovoltaic micro-inverter is proposed. The working principle of boost-flyback is analyzed and a(More)
This paper presents an improved power quality control strategy based on inverter. In grid-connected mode, the series inverter between the microgrid and utility gird (UG) can compensate the power quality of the micro grid under the condition of the voltage fluctuation, imbalance, and harmonic distortion, and prevent the harmonic currents from microgrid(More)
For an islanded microgrid with local linear loads and public nonlinear loads, this paper proposes a control strategy to achieve better reactive power sharing and harmonic current sharing based on second-order general integrator (SOGI) model and virtual impedance. First, the SOGI alternative structure filters out fundamental current and harmonic current(More)
An engine health management system EHMZ which was developed for turbo shaft engines is introduced in this paper. The techniques which was utilized in the system including the system framework, statistical methods of monitoring parameters is discussed. Emphasis was put on the life damage prediction model proposed here. The system has been applied to gas(More)
In this paper, a new tree-phase micro-inverter is proposed. The main part of the proposed inverter is quasi 3rd harmonic current injection circuit providing 3rd harmonic current. It shows an improvement of the efficiency over the conventional three-phase micro-inverter. The problem that the instantaneous input power mismatches output power in single-phase(More)
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