Mi Chen

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Data are presented for diagnoses of HIV infection reported to CDC through December 2012. The HIV Surveillance Supplemental Report is not copyrighted and may be used and copied without permission. Citation of the source is, however, appreciated. Suggested citation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Monitoring selected national HIV prevention and(More)
National HIV Testing Day, June 27, promotes the importance of testing in detecting, treating, and preventing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. HIV testing is the essential entry point to a continuum of prevention, health care, and social services that improve the quality of life and the length of survival for persons with HIV (1). Recent(More)
The heat shock protein gp96 elicits specific T cell responses to its chaperoned peptides against cancer and infectious diseases in both rodent models and clinical trials. Although gp96-induced innate immunity, via a subset of Toll like receptors (TLRs), and adaptive immunity, through antigen presentation, are both believed to be important for priming potent(More)
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