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Spatial multiple access holds the promise to boost the capacity of wireless networks when an access point has multiple antennas. Due to the asynchronous and uncontrolled nature of wireless LANs, conventional MIMO technology does not work efficiently when concurrent transmissions from multiple stations are uncoordinated. In this paper, we present the design(More)
Much of the visualization research has focused on improving the rendering quality and speed, and enhancing the perceptibility of features in the data. Recently, significant emphasis has been placed on focus+context (F+C) techniques (e.g., fisheye views and magnification lens) for data exploration in addition to viewing transformation and hierarchical(More)
AIM α-Naphthylisothiocyanate (ANIT) is a well-characterized cholestatic agent for rats. The aim of this study was to examine whether resveratrol could attenuate ANIT-induced acute cholestasis and liver injury in rats. METHODS SD rats were treated with resveratrol (15 or 30 mg/kg, ip) or a positive control drug ursodeoxycholic acid (100 mg/kg, po) for 5(More)
PURPOSE Accurate target delineation is a critical step in radiotherapy. In this study, a robust contour propagation method is proposed to help physicians delineate lung tumors in four-dimensional computer tomography (4D-CT) images efficiently and accurately. METHODS The proposed method starts with manually delineated contours on the reference phase. Each(More)