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The complexity of construction projects and what is described in the manufacturing industry as the ‘fuzzy front end’. The participants in the process are the fragmentation of the construction industry undertakdescribed in terms of the activities that need to be ing those projects has effectively resulted in linear, uncoundertaken in order to achieve a(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effect and safety of autologous cultured skin fibroblasts transplantation for treating depressed facial skin defects. METHODS A total of 19 patients were treated from Jan, 2010 to Oct, 2010. Autologous skin fibroblasts were separated from postauricular skin biopsy or resected skin tissue in other surgeries such as blepharoplasty.(More)
Recently, FDA approved the clinical use of autologous fibroblasts (LAVIV™) for the improvement of nasolabial fold wrinkles in adults. The use of autologous fibroblasts for the augmentation of dermal and subcutaneous defects represents a potentially exciting natural alternative to the use of other filler materials for its long-term corrective ability and(More)
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