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In this paper, we investigate circular chromatic number of Mycielski construction of graphs. It was shown in [20] that t th Mycielskian of the Kneser graph KG(m, n) has the same circular chromatic number and chromatic number provided that m + t is an even integer. We prove that if m is large enough, then χ(M t (KG(m, n))) = χ c (M t (KG(m, n))) where M t is(More)
It was conjectured in [S. Akbari, F. Khaghanpoor, and S. Moazzeni. Colorful paths in vertex coloring of graphs. Preprint] that, if G is a connected graph distinct from C 7 , then there is a χ(G)-coloring of G in which every vertex v ∈ V (G) is an initial vertex of a path P with χ(G) vertices whose colors are different. In [S. Akbari, V. Liaghat, and A.(More)
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