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This paper describes and evaluates the mortality associated with the potential stressor effect induced by application of artificial photoperiods in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). After application of artificial photoperiods, high mortalities of trout subjected to this management were recorded (36% in LD 14:10 and 25% in LD 24:0) as compared to(More)
A new multiplexed microsatellite tool for metapopulation studies in the overexploited endemic limpet Patella aspera (R€ oding, 1798) Background: Patellid limpets are ecologically important key-stone grazers having a long history of overexploitation in the Macaronesian Archipelagos (NE Atlantic islands), where some species, such as Patella aspera, are under(More)
Responses at low levels of biological organization to evaluate environmental changes and water quality have been used for many years. South America is no different, and recently biochemical endpoints in fish have been used to assess the impacts of industrial and sewage effluents on wild fish populations. For Chilean native freshwater fish, basic biological(More)
Pulp and paper mill effluents (PPMEs) have been shown to increase gonad size, cause early maturation, and disrupt hormone functions in native and non-native Chilean fish. In this study, we assessed reproductive (plasma vitellogenin; VTG, gonad development) and metabolic (ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase activity; EROD) end points, relative liver size (LSI) and(More)
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