Meyer A. Nahon

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Determining the minimum distance between convex objects is a problem that has been solved using many different approaches. On the other hand, computing the minimum distance between combinations of convex and concave objects is known to be a more complicated problem. Most methods propose to partition the concave object into convex subobjects and then solve(More)
In this paper the dynamic analysis of a macro–micro parallel manipulator is studied in detail. The manipu-lator architecture is a simplified planar version adopted from the structure of the Large Adaptive Reflector (LAR), the Canadian design of next-generation giant radio telescopes. In this structure it is proposed to use two parallel redundant(More)
— Determining the minimum distance between two convex ob jects is a problem that has been solved using many di¤erent approaches. Some methods rely on computational geometry techniques, while others rely on optimization techniques to …nd the solution. Some fast algorithms sacri…ce precision for speed while others are limited in the types of ob jects that(More)
Distance determination, i.e. obtaining the distance between a pair of objects, is used in di¤erent applications such as the simulation of physical systems and robot path planning. Most of the existing algorithms focus on obtaining the separation distance and are limited to deal only with convex objects. In this work, a novel method for solving the minimum(More)
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