Mevlüde Karadağ

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AIM To ascertain the number of needlestick and sharps injuries (NSSIs) in nursing and midwifery students and to assess the use of universal precautions among injured and non-injured students. METHODS A survey of a representative sample of nursing and midwifery students who did clinical practise in a hospital was conducted. In total, 203 students met the(More)
AIM This research was conducted for the purpose of determining the incidence of surgery-related pressure ulcer formation. BACKGROUND Patients undergoing surgery are prone to develop pressure ulcers during surgery. Pressure ulcer incidence in surgery population is reported between 3.5% and 29.5%. Some of these factors that occur during surgery are being(More)
This study was conducted after the new nursing law was passed in Turkey in May 2007. According to the old nursing law in Turkey, only women could legally work as nurses. However, the new law made it possible for men to work as nurses as well. The researchers who conducted this study developed a survey for determining university nursing and midwifery(More)
INTRODUCTION For over a century, the discontinuation of oral food intake preoperatively after midnight has been routinely applied. Although routine fasting during the night before elective surgery has been abandoned by many modern centers, preoperative fasting after midnight continues as a routine practice. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to(More)
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