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  • Yogev, Chen, +12 authors Rogers
  • 2010
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine associations of fasting C-peptide, body mass index (BMI), and maternal glucose with the risk of preeclampsia in a multicenter multinational study. STUDY DESIGN We conducted a secondary analysis of a blinded observational cohort study. Subjects underwent a 75-g oral glucose tolerance test at 24-32 weeks'(More)
After injection of Sendai virus, a parainfluenza virus type 1, mice generate cytotoxic lymphocytes which lyse specifically Sendai-virus-infected target cells in vitro. Their action is not inhibited by specific antibody in vitro. Killer cell activity appears 4 days after infection, reaches a maximum on the 7th day and disappears on the 14th to 16th day.(More)
  • Dinkin, Metzger
  • 2005
d u r c h A lka lo idzusa t z e r fah ren . Wie ich kfirzlich gezeigt b a b e 2, ze ichnen sich die s t a r k r e i z e n d e n Alkalo idsa lze d u t c h e ine auBero rden t l i ch m a c h t v o l l e e l e k t r o m o t o r i s c h e W i r k t m g aus, was e in gutes A r g u m e n t ffir die oben en tw icke l t en I d e e n ist. Diese e l ek t romoto r i s(More)
The coupling of mechanical and optical degrees of freedom via radiation pressure has been a subject of early research in the context of gravitational wave detection. Recent experimental advances have allowed studying for the first time the modifications of mechanical dynamics provided by radiation pressure. This paper reviews the consequences of back-action(More)
O rlistat is a drug frequently prescribed as an adjuvant in weight control therapy (1–2). Orlistat inhibits gastric and pancre-atic lipases in the lumen of the gastroin-testinal tract to decrease the systemic absorption of dietary fat (1,2). In clinical trials, steatorrhoea and other gastrointes-tinal disorders are the most frequently reported side effects(More)
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