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  • Yogev, Chen, +12 authors Rogers
  • 2010
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine associations of fasting C-peptide, body mass index (BMI), and maternal glucose with the risk of preeclampsia in a multicenter multinational study. STUDY DESIGN We conducted a secondary analysis of a blinded observational cohort study. Subjects underwent a 75-g oral glucose tolerance test at 24-32 weeks'(More)
d u r c h A lka lo idzusa t z e r fah ren . Wie ich kfirzlich gezeigt b a b e 2, ze ichnen sich die s t a r k r e i z e n d e n Alkalo idsa lze d u t c h e ine auBero rden t l i ch m a c h t v o l l e e l e k t r o m o t o r i s c h e W i r k t m g aus, was e in gutes A r g u m e n t ffir die oben en tw icke l t en I d e e n ist. Diese e l ek t romoto r i s(More)
Exploring the role of cell fate specification in chordate heart evolution. Chordate heart evolution appears to involve a gradual increase in complexity; from the simple peristaltic tubes of basal chordates to the four-chambered hearts of amniotes. To better understand this process, we study heart development in the basal chordate Ciona intestinalis. We have(More)
O rlistat is a drug frequently prescribed as an adjuvant in weight control therapy (1–2). Orlistat inhibits gastric and pancre-atic lipases in the lumen of the gastroin-testinal tract to decrease the systemic absorption of dietary fat (1,2). In clinical trials, steatorrhoea and other gastrointes-tinal disorders are the most frequently reported side effects(More)
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