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Two groups of naive, male, albino rats derived from different genetic strains (Sprague-Dawley and Wistar) were given a 5 micrograms/ml etonitazene solution as their only available liquid. Liquid intake and body weights were recorded every 24 hr. Etonitazene intake was compared to baseline water intake, and drug intake was then compared when the rats were(More)
taxonomy: review of currently recognized species and subspecies, and evidence used for their description. Mammal Review 42:207-234. Beuchel, F., B. Gulliksen. 2008. Temporal patterns of benthic community development in an Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard): results of a 24-year manipulation study.
  • Sonny D Conder, Land Use Forecasting, +14 authors Portland Metro
  • 2010
The Columbia River Crossing Project consists of replacing an existing 6 lane, over-age, I-5 Corridor Bridge with a 12 lane bridge with additional capacity for light rail, bicycles and pedestrians. We used an integrated transportation and land use model (MetroScope) to evaluate the land use and travel impacts of the bridge replacement. We tested three(More)
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