Metodi Traykov

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In this study, we present some of the basic ideas of population genetics. The founders of population genetics are R.A. Fisher, S. Wright, and J. B.S. Haldane. They, not only developed almost all the basic theory associated with genetics, but they also initiated multiple experiments in support of their theories. One of the first significant insights, which(More)
The tertiary structure of the proteins determines their functions. Therefore, the predicting of protein's tertiary structure, based on the primary amino acid sequence from long time, is the most important and challenging subject in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biophysics. One of the most popular protein structure prediction methods, called(More)
  • Bocchetta M Galluzzi, Kehoe Pg, +57 authors A Argimon
  • 2015
Vocabulary relearning in semantic dementia: Positive and negative consequences of increasing variability in the learning experience. Group). Dependence in Alzheimer's disease and service use costs,quality of life, and caregiver burden: The DADE study. The relationship between changes in quality of life outcomes and progression of Alzheimer's disease:(More)
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