Metin Yazgi

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The gain-frequency performance of the cascaded single-stage distributed amplifier (CSSDA) configuration, which was designed for power application, is considerably improved in terms of significantly reduced in-band gain ripple without compromising its bandwidth. This is achieved with the incorporation of passive components within artificial transmission(More)
A new high-performance active inductor with ability to tune its self-resonance frequency and quality factor without affecting each other is presented in this letter. Using the input transistor of active inductor in cascoding configuration gives this property to designed circuit. Furthermore, the input transistor topology make the device robust in terms of(More)
— A low power and high gain transimpedance amplifier (TIA) in 0.18µm CMOS technology is presented. TIA with better performance is realized by reducing the effects of input parasitic capacitor. A negative admittance output stage enables the transimpedance gain and the bandwidth to be improved. Cadence tools were conducted for this proposed TIA by utilizing(More)
In this study, a linear single transistor power amplifier with 0.1 &#x2013; 10 GHz, 0.5W output power at 1dB compression point (P<inf>1dB</inf>) and &#x003E;45% power added efficiency (PAE) is designed. By using a graphical load-pull approach to obtain uniform distrubution for both P<inf>1dB</inf> and PAE, it is showed that the designed amplifier has its(More)
This paper presents two integrated class-A travelling wave medium power amplifiers employing 0.35&#x00B5;m SiGe HBT process. The first amplifier realized is a 1.3&#x00D7;1mm<sup>2</sup> device comprising of a single-stage configuration using a single transistor that exhibits an average small-signal gain of 7dB and power level of 14dBm between 0.25 to 2.5GHz(More)
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