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In this paper, adaptive control of free-floating space manipulators is considered. The dynamics based on the momentum conservation law for the free-floating space manipulator has non-linear parameterization properties. Therefore, the adaptive control based on a linear parameterization model cannot be used in this dynamics. In this paper, the dynamics of the(More)
This paper presents a project-oriented framework for multi-robot task scheduling. An agent-based architecture is designed to schedule tasks where robots are considered as resources. The study focused on the problems when the number of available robots is less than the required number. In this case, the problem becomes a resource-constrained scheduling(More)
Sensor-based coverage problems have many applications such as patrolling, search-rescue, and surveillance. Using multi-robot team increases efficiency by reducing completion time of a sensor-based coverage task. Robustness to robot failures is another advantage of using multiple robots for coverage. Although there are many works to increase the efficiency(More)
Nonholonomic wheeled mobile robot's posture error model denoted by Cartesian coordinates in local coordinates is established. A novel nonlinear state feedback trajectory tracking control law is proposed, which causes closed-loop system state space equation of robot to have isolated equilibrium state at origin. Through analysing the local uniform(More)
Minimizing the coverage task time is important for many sensor-based coverage applications. The completion time of a sensor-based coverage task is determined by the maximum time traveled by a robot in a mobile robot group. So the environment needs to be partitioned among robots considering their travel times. Most of the coverage algorithms results in sharp(More)
Multi-robot coverage path planning problems require every point in a given area to be covered by at least one member of the robot team using their sensors. For a time-efficient coverage, the environment needs to be partitioned among robots in a balanced manner. So the problem can be modeled as task assignment problem with load balancing. In this study, we(More)