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Fibroma of the tendon sheath is an uncommon soft-tissue tumor. Intraarticular localization has not been previously reported. The patient presented with unexplained recurrent swelling of the knee not associated with recent trauma. The soft-tissue tumor was identified by magnetic resonance imaging. Arthroscopy confirmed the diagnosis. Arthrotomy was performed(More)
BACKGROUND Tyrosine kinase inhibitor is a standard treatment for mRCC. The NLR, an index of systemic inflammation, is associated with outcome in several cancer types. To study the association of pretreatment NLR with PFS and overall survival (OS) of patients treated with VEGF-targeted therapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively studied an unselected(More)
In this paper, adaptive control of free-floating space manipulators is considered. The dynamics based on the momentum conservation law for the free-floating space manipulator has non-linear parameterization properties. Therefore, the adaptive control based on a linear parameterization model cannot be used in this dynamics. In this paper, the dynamics of the(More)
In subgroups of breast cancer, the shortest disease-free and overall survival was observed in basaloid and human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 groups. CK5/6 expression is a marker used in diagnosing breast cancers in basaloid group and is associated with a poor prognosis. Similarly, loss of tumor suppressor gene PTEN and a high expression of c-Met has(More)
BACKGROUND Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a chemotherapy-responsive tumor type but most patients ultimately experience disease progression. SCLC is associated with alterations in the coagulation system. The present randomized clinical trial (RCT) was designed to determine whether addition of low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) to combination chemotherapy(More)
PURPOSE To assess the safety and efficacy of a gemcitabine plus docetaxel regimen as a second line therapy for patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma (STS) resistant to doxorubicin and ifosfamide-based therapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Medical records of 64 patients with advanced STS who received gemcitabine plus docetaxel regimen as a second line(More)
OBJECTIVE We analyzed the results of intravenous thrombolytic treatment under transesophageal echocardiographic (TEE) guidance in prosthetic valve thrombosis. BACKGROUND Thrombotic occlusion of prosthetic valves continues to be an uncommon but serious complication. Intravenous thrombolytic treatment has been proposed as an alternative to surgical(More)
The cardiac involvement in Behçet's syndrome in sixty-five patients (mean disease duration 5.7 +/- 4.1 SD years) was studied, in comparison with 70 healthy, age- and sex-matched controls. The electrocardiograms, chest radiographs and M-mode, 2-D and Doppler echocardiography were evaluated in a blind protocol. There were no significant differences in the(More)
BACKGROUND Chitotriosidase is an accepted marker of macrophage activation. In this study, we investigated serum chitotriosidase levels in pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB). METHODS Forth-two patients with PTB and 30 healthy subjects were enrolled in the study. The radiological extent of PTB, radiological sequela after treatment, and the degree of smear(More)
OBJECTIVE Hepatocellular cancer (HCC) is one of the important health problems in Turkey. We aimed to determine the clinical and demographic features of HCC in the Turkish population and to evaluate the prognostic and survival features. METHOD Two hundred and twenty-one patients with HCC from five hospitals in Turkey are included in this study. RESULTS(More)