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The development of laparoscopic cholecystectomy is only justified if it can ensure the good results obtained by laparotomy. The purpose of this work is to study all complications which occurred in a homogeneous group of patients. From May 1988 to January 1993, we operated on 2006 patients by laparoscopy (724 men and 1282 women) with a mean age of 50.6(More)
The recent development of mini-invasive surgery includes appendectomy. We report our results of 4 years experience in this type of approach. We have operated on 154 patients (61 men, 93 women), mean age 26.7 years, presenting with clinical signs of appendicitis. The operation was completely carried out by laparoscopy in 144 cases, including treatment of(More)
Vitamin D deficiency and rickets are major health problems in developing countries. Congenital rickets is a rare form of rickets. Maternal vitamin D deficiency is the most important risk factor for vitamin D deficiency and rickets in newborns and early infancy. In this report, we presented a two-month old infant with seizures while hospitalized for(More)
Because of the possible risk factor for the health, World Health Organization (WHO) recommended the study with animals on the developing nervous system concerning the exposure to radiofrequency (RF) field. A few studies related to hippocampal exposure are available, which indicate the impact of RF field in some parameters. The present study investigated the(More)
The recent development of laparoscopic surgery has included the treatment of acute appendicitis. We report our results after three years' experience of this type of surgery. We have operated on 78 patients (54 men, 44 women) mean age 28.9 years, suspected of varying degrees of acute appendicitis. The operation was completely carried out by laparoscopy on 71(More)
Laparoscopic treatment of small intestinal obstruction is associated with immediate advantages and it may be expected that the recurrence rate will be decreased because of the reduction of wound scars. Between september 1989 and september 1991, 25 patients (16 men and 9 women), mean age 53.8 years, underwent initial laparoscopy for acute small intestinal(More)
To evaluate the results and the necessity of chromosome analysis in fetuses prenatally detected with a neural tube defect and to determine the significance of ultrasonographic evaluation for the identification of underlying or accompanying chromosomal anomalies. Ninety fetuses that underwent prenatal and/or postnatal chromosome analysis after being(More)
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