Metin Görgü

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Late capsular hematoma is an extremely rare complication after the implantation of silicone breast prostheses for aesthetic or reconstructive objectives. We present a unique case of late capsular hematoma in an aesthetic breast augmentation with a saline-filled, textured silicone implant, which remained for a year after formation.
Multiple occurrences of pilomatrixoma are rare. Although it has been known as a benign lesion, there are reports of some tumors that have histopathologic features of malignancy. A case of a 68-year-old Caucasian women with multiple pilomatrixoma is presented. She was operated on to remove three other pilomatrixomas on the arms 3 years after the initial(More)
The purpose of this report is to describe the use of a double vascular pedicle composite groin flap for penile reconstruction in children. The flap was composed of skin, soft tissue and iliac crest bone. Both deep and superficial circumflex iliac vessels were included in the pedicle to ensure a well-vascularized extended skin and bone in the flap. The(More)
We present our experience with nasal grafts over 20 years. The nose, located centrally, always plays a key role in facial aesthetics. Public recognition of this makes rhinoplasty the most popular operation. From the traditional aesthetic point of view, propogated by the media, the nose must be narrow and straight and have correct nasolabial and forehead(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of anogenital warts is difficult in that the disease spectrum is wide. Moreover, varying degrees of improvement are obtained. OBJECTIVE To study the treatment of persistent anogenital warts by pulsed dye laser. METHODS Pulsed dye laser was used with the following settings: spot size 7 mm, pulse duration 1500 microsec, and fluence(More)
Craniofacial clefts are rare among facial anomalies, with an incidence of 1.5 to 5 per 100,000 births, and 1 per 100 cases of cleft lip and palate. The Tessier No. 4 oro-ocular cleft is one of the rarest, with 33 unilateral and bilateral clefts reported in the literature. Among the bilateral clefts only 3 of 9 involved Tessier No. 4 cleft bilaterally. We(More)
In 1918, Stout defined the lesion in which small round cells originating from the ulnar nerve formed a rosette as neuroepithelioma. It was claimed that this tumor originated from neuroectodermis and was different from the classical neuroblastoma. The term primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) involves a group of tumors of the soft tissue originating from(More)
The surgical approach to tumors in the deep oral cavity, oropharynx, and parapharyngeal space has always been a problem. Midline mandibulotomy for exposure and resection of tumors in these areas is usually essential. However, postoperatively accurate and stable reconstruction of the symphysis is difficult. The authors present a modified notch mandibulotomy(More)
Fat tissue is abundant in the body and preferred in soft tissue augmentation. Since resorption is its greatest disadvantage, many agents have been tried in an attempt to increase fat graft survival in various studies. Yet selective β1 blocker had not been used before. The effect of selective β1 blockers on resorption following auto-transplantation of free(More)