Metin Görgü

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Fat tissue is abundant in the body and preferred in soft tissue augmentation. Since resorption is its greatest disadvantage, many agents have been tried in an attempt to increase fat graft survival in various studies. Yet selective beta1 blocker had not been used before. The effect of selective beta1 blockers on resorption following auto-transplantation of(More)
We present three females (20, 39 and 58 years old) and one male patient (47 years old), admitted to our clinic with 3-20 years history of giant lipomas on periscapular (n = 2), posterior cervical (n = 1) and abdominal areas (n = 1), respectively. The sizes of the tumours ranged from 15 x 14 cm(2) to 35 x 25 cm(2) weighing 1900-12 350 g. In all cases, the(More)
Ankylosis is an uncommon disease of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the effective treatment of which requires detailed preoperative evaluation of the type and extent of the deformity. As well as lateral radiographs and computed tomography (CT), three-dimensional CT has been introduced to improve the preoperative evaluation. We present six patients with(More)
Reshaping and preserving the new shape of cartilage grafts is important for reconstruction of congenital or acquired deformities. In this in vivo study the authors investigated the effect of the Er:YAG laser on cartilage reshaping in comparison with scalpel stripping. The study consisted of two groups (N = 9). After measuring the angle between two margins(More)
BACKGROUND The reconstruction of full-thickness nasal tip and alar defects is challenging owing to the distal nose's triple-layer structure: skin, cartilage, and mucosa. OBJECTIVE In the reconstruction of wounds of the distal half of the nose involving the rim, the most important issue to be considered is to provide a good functional and an acceptable(More)
BACKGROUND Different techniques have been used for hair removal. Electrolytic epilation is a widely accepted method for this purpose. Recently laser hair removal was introduced. OBJECTIVE To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of long-pulse alexandrite laser hair removal with electrolytic epilation. METHODS Twenty-four areas of unwanted axillar hair(More)
The surgical delay procedure is an effective method for improving skin flap survival. However, it has many disadvantages, such as bleeding, infection, and pain. It also requires an additional operation and a long time for wound management. Nonsurgical delay has a great importance, but pharmacological efforts for delay phenomena have never found clinical(More)
The purpose of this report is to describe the use of a double vascular pedicle composite groin flap for penile reconstruction in children. The flap was composed of skin, soft tissue and iliac crest bone. Both deep and superficial circumflex iliac vessels were included in the pedicle to ensure a well-vascularized extended skin and bone in the flap. The(More)