Metin Feridun

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Mobile agents, programs that move within a system performing a set of tasks, are an active field of research. The focus of current research, however, is on the development of execution platforms and applications for mobile agents and not on methodologies for building agents. Creating mobile agents can be tedious and susceptible to errors. We propose a(More)
The increasing importance of networks and the growing numbers of devices and services that run on them necessitate effective network and systems management. The traditional centralized management paradigm alone is no longer sufficient for effective management solutions, primarily as it does not scale well. Distribution of management tasks is a promising(More)
As networks grow in size, speed and flexibility, the role of network management becomes increasingly important. Recent developments in Internet technologies might provide the capabilities that are well suited to the solutions of some very challenging, outstanding problems in network management. The increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, with its(More)
This paper describes a search facility for systems management that was designed and implemented to simplify the management of large IT infrastructures. As the complexity of data centers or telecommunication networks increases, managing such infrastructures involves large amounts of data originating from many and diverse sources. In a typical IT management(More)
—Distributed infrastructures providing cloud services as well as compute-and storage clusters are notoriously difficult to administer and optimize. Management applications benefit from up-to-date data on system performance. This paper describes the Performance Monitoring and Management System (PMMS), a lightweight and versatile performance monitoring tool(More)
— An increasingly important requirement for energy-efficient data center operation is to diagnose and fix thermal anomalies that sometimes occur due to excessive workload or equipment failures. Today, the task of diagnosing thermal anomalies entails expert but tedious analysis of data collected manually from disparate management systems. Our ultimate goal(More)
Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, increased use, proliferation and mobility of powerful end-user devices, and the migration of applications to the Internet, are creating new and exciting challenges to the management of IT (Information Technology) infrastructures. Massive scale and distribution of IT resources, the expectation of high(More)