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This paper presents a new axial flux surface mounted permanent magnet (PM) field controlled TORUS type (FCT) machine. Machine structure and principles are explored and the field weakening feature of the topology as well as the advantages of the machine are presented in the first part. The second section introduces the linear model and sizing analysis using(More)
Two different external-rotor-internal-stator TORUS type axial flux PM machines can be derived based on the direction of the flux. In the first type of the TORUS machine, magnet driven flux enters the stator and travels circumferentially along the stator core while, in the second type, the flux enters the stator and travels axially along the machine axis of(More)
In this paper, pulsating torque components of PM machines and pulsating torque minimization techniques are discussed for axial flux surface magnet disc type PM machines. The pulsating torque analysis describing general instantaneous electromagnetic torque equation and torque ripple factor (TRF) is briefly given in order to analyze ripple torque of the(More)
Minimizing cogging torque in designing axial-flux permanent-magnet (AFPM) motors is one of the main issues which must be considered during the design process. This paper presents several cost-effective magnet-skewing techniques to minimize cogging torque components in double-rotor AFPM motors. Rotorside cogging torque minimization methods are examined in(More)
Torque quality assessment and optimization methods are presented in this paper. General purpose sizing equations are obtained and sizing optimization of the slotless TORUS machine is shown for maximum power density or efficiency points. For pulsating torque analysis, general instantaneous electromagnetic torque equation and torque ripple factor (TRF)(More)
This work presents the design and control of an 8-slot radial flux magnetic bearing. Design of magnetic bearing is carried out with coupled magnetic equivalent circuit model and finite element analysis (FEA). The magnetic design is verified with 2D FEA and good agreement between the two is obtained. Designed magnetic bearing is assembled into a system and(More)
This study is about minimization of cogging torque in an axial flux permanent magnet (AFPM) motor with integer number of slots per pole per phase with the focus on pole shifting or grouping. The analyses of cogging torque component are presented and compared with other cogging torque minimization methods and a reference AFPM motor with standard fan-shaped(More)
This paper investigates the design, manufacturing and comparison of low voltage 33-slot permanent magnet AC motor with symmetric and asymmetric winding. Design and analysis of the motors are performed to get information about performance characteristic of both motors for a set of given specs. No-load and on-load analyses are accomplished in order to obtain(More)
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