Metin Çakanyildirim

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In many inventory control contexts, inventory levels are only partially (i.e., not fully) observed. This may be due to non-observation of demand, spoilage, misplacement, or theft of inventory. We study a partially observed inventory system where the demand is not observed, inventory level is noticed when it reaches zero, the unmet demand is lost, and(More)
This paper introduces two-dimensional (weight and volume) overbooking problems arising mainly in the cargo revenue management, and compares them with one-dimensional problems. It considers capacity spoilage and cargo offloading costs, and minimizes their sum. For one-dimensional problems, it shows that the optimal overbooking limit does not change with the(More)
This paper revisits the finite-horizon model of a censored newsvendor by Ding, Puterman and Bisi (2002). An important result claimed there without a proper proof is that the myopic order quantity is always less than or equal to the optimal order quantity. Lu, Song and Zhu (2005b) has supplied a correct proof of the result. We analyze the same model using(More)