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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to compare the clinical audiological outcomes as well as patient satisfaction of bone-anchored, hearing aid surgery between the percutaneous Dermalock and the transcutaneous Attract systems. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS This is a multicenter, retrospective clinical study. The patients who underwent Baha Dermalock and Baha(More)
Objectives: In this study, we reported our experience with a new transcutaneous bone conduction hearing device, the Baha ® Attract System. Patients and Methods: This multi-center clinical study included the first 12 patients (8 females, 4 males; mean age 27.6 years; range 5 to 65 years) in whom a new transcutaneous bone conduction system was implanted in(More)
OBJECTIVE To present our experience with the diagnosis and treatment of lateral sinus thrombosis (LST) secondary to otogenic disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS We have retrospectively reviewed all the cases of LST caused by chronic otitis media in ten years. RESULTS In our series of five patients, four patients were successfully treated by surgery without(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish whether etanercept, a TNF-α antagonist, is an alternative and effective treatment on facial nerve after crush injury. METHOD Fifty-four rats underwent exposure of the left main trunk of the facial nerve followed by a standard crush injury. Animals were randomly divided into 3 groups: control group, methylprednisolone-treated group,(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Cisplatin is a widely used chemotherapeutic agent, but its ototoxicity side effect can occur in the majority of patients. Lots of agents were tried to prevent this, but there is not a routine treatment modality yet. The aim of this study was to evaluate the otoprotective effect of sertraline, which is an antidepressant with(More)
The objective of this study is to establish whether memantine is an alternative and effective treatment on facial nerve recovery after crush injury, and also to analyze the effective doses of this promising agent. This is a randomized controlled animal study. 40 rats underwent crush injury to left main trunk of the facial nerve, and divided into 4 groups;(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Fibrolipomas are a rare subtype of lipomas and very rare in the oral and maxillofacial region. Lipomas affecting the central nervous system are even more infrequent occurring with a frequency of 0.1%. STUDY DESIGN, METHODS Case report. CASE PRESENTATION This report includes a patient who had a nasal septal fibrolipoma and an(More)
OBJECTIVES Healing processes of the nose and paranasal sinuses are quite complex, and poorly understood. In this study, we aimed to compare the effect of mucosal autologous grafts on the degenerated rabbit maxillary sinus mucosa with spontaneous wound healing. It is hypothesized that mucosal grafts will enhance ciliogenesis and improve the morphology of(More)
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