Mesut Toprak

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Several risk factors as well as protective factors are discussed in the development of mental disorders among migrants. With respect to addiction there are reports of an increased prevalence despite a higher threshold for utilisation of the treatment system. A case report is presented that exemplifies psychosocial and legal factors affecting the development(More)
BACKGROUND Behavioral and psychological symptoms are widely accepted as accelerator factors in progression to dementia. Although alexithymia is closely related to normal aging process and poor neurocognitive performance, alexithymia has not been included in these symptoms yet. AIMS Here, we aimed to investigate alexithymia features in people with(More)
Weak bases that readily penetrate through the lipid bilayer and accumulate inside the acidic organelles are known as lysosomotropic molecules. Many lysosomotropic compounds exhibit therapeutic activity and are commonly used as antidepressant, antipsychotic, antihistamine, or antimalarial agents. Interestingly, studies also have shown increased sensitivity(More)
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