Mesut Gunduz

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In this paper an efficient method for parameter extraction of solar cell double diode model using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm is presented. ABC packs solid features such as simplicity of implementation, promising optimization capability, fewer control parameters, etc. In this paper we have implemented various methods suggested to boost traditional(More)
Fruit fly algorithm is a novel intelligent optimization algorithm based on foraging behavior of the real fruit flies. In order to find optimum solution for an optimization problem, fixed parameters are obtained as a result of manual test in fruit fly algorithm. In this study, it is aimed to find the optimum solution by analyzing the constant parameter(More)
This paper proposed a EELP (Energy Efficient LEACH Protocol) routing protocol based on LEACH. LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) is seminal work in the area of clustering-based protocol, proposed by W.B. Heinzelman. In EELP, all nodes are organized sequentially in the rooms of the apartments of a multi-story building. In this protocol, cluster(More)
Development of wireless sensor network technologies have presented a availability of tiny sensor nodes along with the ability regarding sensing various physical as well as atmospheric circumstances, data handling and wireless communication. A number of detecting abilities affect the abundance application zones. On the other hand, a function associated(More)
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