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Aggregation of transitions in marking graph generation based on maximality semantics for petri nets
In this paper, we propose an operational semantics to build maximality-based labeled transition systems (MLTS) from Place/Transition Petri nets while performing aggregation of equivalent derivationsExpand
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Maximality‐Based Structural Operational Semantics for Petri Nets
The goal of this work is to exploit an implementable model, namely the maximality‐based labeled transition system, which permits to express true‐concurrency in a natural way without splitting actionsExpand
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Using maximality-based labelled transition system as a model for petri nets
This work deals with the specification and the verification of concurrent systems. Our goal is to exploit an implementable model, namely the maximality -based labelled transition system, whichExpand
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Maximality Semantic For Recursive Petri Nets
This paper is in the framework of the specification and the verification of concurrent dynamic systems. We are interested by recursive Petri net specification model for which we define a maximalityExpand
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A reduced maximality labeled transition system generation for recursive Petri nets
In Saidouni et al. (Maximality semantic for recursive Petri net. Europeen conference on modelling and simulation (ECMS’13) pp 544–550, 2013) a maximality operational semantics has been defined forExpand
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Hierarchical Design Method for Multi-Agent Systems
This paper proposes a new hierarchical design method for the specification and the verification of multi agent systems (MAS). For this purpose, the authors propose the model of Refinable RecursiveExpand
Maximality Semantics and Petri Nets
Maximality-based labeled transition system model is a model which expresses, in a natural way, maximality semantics of concurrent systems. In this paper, we present intuitively and motivate theExpand