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The availability of mitochondrial genomes has allowed for the resolution of numerous questions regarding the evolutionary history of fungi and other eukaryotes. In the Gibberella fujikuroi species complex, the exact relationships among the so-called “African”, “Asian” and “American” Clades remain largely unresolved, irrespective of the markers employed. In(More)
Xerombrophila, a new member of the Helotiales, is erected for a previously undescribed species that macroscopically resembles genera such as Phaeohelotium or Pezicula. The new species, for which we propose the name X. crystallifera, is characterized by a strong gelatinization of the medullary excipulum as well as the covering layer of the ectal excipulum,(More)
Colipila, a new member of the Helotiales, is erected for two previously undescribed lignicolous species resembling Dasyscyphella and Lachnum by macroscopy. Species of Colipila are characterized by their long, entirely smooth, hyaline, thin-walled, multiseptate, subulate to basally fusoid hairs that tend to be curved on the stipe and lower flanks, and(More)
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