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Innocent Onyewuenyi’s “Philosophical re-appraisal of the African belief in reincarnation”: A conversational study
Reincarnation has received substantial treatment in African philosophy. The dominant view of African scholars and researchers on the subject is that it is a belief that prevails in African culture.Expand
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Human Values And Their Foundations: Towards An Ethic Of Living Right (EOUSLY)
The paper explores human axiological values with a view to determining their foundations. It locates the foundation of human values from various sources which include religion and the fear andExpand
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Njikoka Amaka: Further Discussions on the Philosophy of Integrative Humanism (A Contribution to African and Intercultural Philosophies), Godfrey O. Ozumba and Jonathan O. Chimakonam : book review
A philosophic system is the general trend or course of thought of a particular time, school or group of thinkers. Indeed, throughout the history of philosophy, Western philosophy, for instance, manyExpand
The Natural Law Theory in Traditional African Jurisprudential Thought
This paper is an exercise in Comparative Philosophy in that it attempts to compare the idea of Natural Law which is the basis of the Natural Law theory in Western Jurisprudential thinking with aExpand
On the Origin and Character of Human Values: A Complementary Reflection
In an earlier paper entitled “Human Values and their Foundations: Towards an Ethic of Living Right (EOUSLY)”, I had advanced the view that “valuing” is an inevitable consequence of man’s rationality.Expand
Book Review -The limitations of Bernard Matolino’s “limited communitarianism”: Continuing the conversations on personhood in African philosophy
A review of [Personhood in African Philosophy] 2014. Cluster Publications: Pietermaritzburg. Paperback. Pp 192 Author: Bernard Matolino Discipline: African Philosophy Category: African PhilosophyExpand
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