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Tibia fracture is the most common type of long bone fracture, and intramedullary nailing is the preferred treatment. In open fractures, a provisional plate is often used to maintain reduction. It is unknown whether this practice increases the risk of infection or other complications. This study retrospectively compared patients who were treated at a level 1(More)
The prevalence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in skeletally immature athletes has increased dramatically over the past decade. Many attribute this to increased training, single-sport specialization and year-round competitive play. ACL injuries most commonly occur in athletic activities that involve cutting, pivoting, jumping and landing.(More)
BACKGROUND The irregular nature of the dorsal surface of the distal radius makes it difficult to detect prominent screws with volar plate fixation for distal radius fractures using standard fluoroscopic images. This study evaluates the accuracy of a new radiographic method, the Hoya view, for the assessment of dorsal cortical screw penetration with volar(More)
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