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1. In this study, the authors sought to test the hypothesis that Li (lithium) treatment can induce alterations in PRL (prolactin) secretion in euthymic bipolar patients compared to controls and that short and long-term administration can lead to prolactin changes different from each other. 2. Twenty euthymic bipolar male patients on long-term lithium(More)
BACKGROUND There are few reports describing chromosomal abnormalities in transsexuals. In rare cases, transsexualism and sexual chromosomal multiplicity coexist. Six cases of male-to-female transsexuals with 47,XYY chromosomal pattern have been previously reported. We have not encountered any female transsexual cases with 47,XXX karyotype in the literature.(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychological state may affect the body weight through the hypothalamus and vice versa. The goal of this study is to investigate whether body mass index affect mindfulness awareness (MA) levels and type of coping with stress. METHODS Healthy adolescents were included in the study. The mindfulness attention awareness scale (MAAS), indicating the(More)
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