Mervi Rutanen

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As part of a Finnish national epidemiological study on child psychiatric disorders, psychosomatic symptoms were studied in a sample (n = 1,100) of 8-year-old children on the basis of self-report questionnaires by the children, their parents and teachers. Psychosomatic symptoms were common, although constant symptoms were rare. There were no sex differences(More)
OBJECTIVES As a part of the Finnish National Health Care Project, to develop and validate nationwide standardised criteria for assessing the need for non-urgent child psychiatric specialised medical care (SMC). METHODS The Finnish criteria tool, a cutpoint measure indicating access to SMC, was developed on the basis of the Western Canada Waiting List(More)
The effect of traumatic experiences on a child's growth and development as well as on subsequent health is wide and far-reaching. The progress in brain research has complemented the clinical experience concerning the way the mind and the brain elaborate on traumatic experiences. When providing help for children, developmental factors must be always(More)
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