Mervi Koskinen

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Singular value decomposition (SVD) based electrocardiogram (ECG) morphology analysis is a novel method in the assessment of subtle abnormalities in the T wave morphology of 12-lead ECG. As various types of noise contaminate the ECG signal and create a bias for the morphological analyses, this study was designed to estimate the effects of noise on the SVD(More)
In forest inventories, the species information is crucial for economical, ecological and technical reasons. Species recognition is currently a bottleneck in practical remote sensing applications. Here, we examined species discrimination using tree-level LiDAR features in discrete-return data. The aim was to examine the robustness and explanatory power of(More)
Spin density functional theory is used to calculate the ground state electronic structures of circular parabolic quantum dots. We find that such dots either have a spin configuration determined by Hund’s rule or make a spin-density-wave-like state with zero total spin. The dependence of the spin-density-wave amplitudes on the density of the two-dimensional(More)
In a quantum-mechanical system, particle-hole duality implies that instead of studying particles, we can get equivalent information by studying the missing particles, the so-called holes. Using this duality picture for fermions in a rotating trap the vortices appear as holes in the Fermi sea. Here we predict that the formation of vortices in quantum dots at(More)
The exact diagonalization technique is used to study many-particle properties of interacting electrons with spin, confined in a two-dimensional harmonic potential. The single-particle basis is limited to the lowest Landau level. The results are analysed as a function of the total angular momentum of the system. Only at angular momenta corresponding to the(More)
The magnetism of square lattices of quantum dots with up to 12 electrons per dot is studied using the spin-density functional formalism. At small values of the lattice constant, all lattices are nonmagnetic and gapless. When the lattice constant is increased, the shell structure of the single dots governs the magnetism of the lattice. At closed shells, the(More)
We report a single-mode 1180 nm distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser diode with a high output power of 340 mW. For the fabrication, we employed novel nanoimprint lithography that ensures cost-effective, large-area, conformal patterning and does not require regrowth. The output characteristics exhibited outstanding temperature insensitivity with a power(More)
We show that the rotation of trapped quantum mechanical particles with a repulsive interaction can lead to vortex formation, irrespective of whether the particles are bosons or (unpaired) fermions. The exact many-particle wave function constitutes similar structures in both cases, implying that this vortex formation is indeed universal.
We propose a universal transformation from a many-boson state to a corresponding many-fermion state in the lowest-Landau-level approximation of rotating many-body systems, inspired by the Laughlin wave function and by the Jain composite-fermion construction. We employ the exact-diagonalization technique for finding the many-body states. The overlap between(More)
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