Mervat Mostafa Osman

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Ten adult patients with proven fasciolosis were enrolled in the study. Serum samples were obtained before and one month after successful treatment using a single oral dose of triclabendazole. It was observed that, serum triglycerides (TG) and very low density lipoproteins (VLDL-C) increased, while serum total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein(More)
Acute human fascioliasis depends in its diagnosis on detecting specific antibodies in the sera of patients. It was observed that both somatic fraction I and crude E/S products of adult Fasciola gigantica worm gave sensitive and specific results. Using IgM ELISA, the cut off O.D was 0.6 and 0.3 nm. and the accuracy was 93% and 98% for the two antigens(More)
The detection of IgG avidity in sera is potentially useful in the diagnosis of acute and chronic infection. We studied IgG avidity in 31 patients with fascioliasis, with the aim of evaluating the clinical application of this test to confirm the diagnosis of incubating cases and to distinguish between acute and chronic cases. Of the 31 cases, 13 were(More)
Lymnaea snails in Abis II village were studied as regard their species, monthly distribution, density and infection rates in different water bodies. The trematode parasites in L. cailliaudi, the only species of Lymnaea in Abis II village were xiphidio in 40% of snails and Fasciola in 10%. Echinostome cercariae were detected from few snails outside Abis II(More)
Seventeen patients with established fasciolosis and ten normal controls were enrolled in the study. The Fasciola patients were divided according to infection intensity into two groups (four patients with high intensity and thirteen patients with low intensity) as assessed by egg counts coupled with ultrasonography for detection of worms in the biliary(More)
Twenty-three patients diagnosed as established fascioliasis were enrolled in the present study. Fasciolia cases were investigated for serum iron, copper and their carrier proteins together with haemoglobin and some blood indices. A significant reduction in serum iron was detected in the examined group. This reveals the occurrence of iron deficiency anaemia(More)
To determine the safety and efficacy of 2 consecutive doses of triclabendazole (TCBZ) in the treatment of Schistosoma mansoni infection in human cases infected with both S. mansoni and Fasciola sp., we conducted a field survey involving 6314 individuals from 15 villages. The overall prevalence of schistosomiasis alone was 15.8%, of fascioliasis alone 2.2%,(More)
IL-1 generation by mononuclear phagocytes, IL-4 production by Th2 lymphocytes and IgE levels in serum were measured in eight patients with acute fasciolosis and seven patients in the chronic stage of the disease before and after triclabendazole treatment. Results were compared with those of a control group of ten individuals. The monocytes and lymphocytes(More)
Diagnosis of fasciolosis in the acute phase depends on a sensitive and accurate serological test. The present study is an evaluation of the efficacy of excretory-secretory Fasciola gigantica adult worm antigen by IgM ELISA. Thirty eight patients with acute fasciolosis and 14 in the chronic phase together with 23 patients with different parasitic infections(More)
We explored the relationships between specific IgG antibody levels and circulating E/S antigen to intensity of Fasciola infection in the human host. Twenty patients with patent infection and six healthy individuals were enrolled in the study. Intensity of infection was determined by repeated egg counts in stools, while IgG antibodies against adult Fasciola(More)