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Object tracking under complex circumstances is a challenging task because of background interference, obstacle occlusion, object deformation, etc. Given such conditions, robustly detecting, locating, and analyzing a target through single-feature representation are difficult tasks. Global features, such as color, are widely used in tracking, but may cause(More)
Obtaining the exact spatial information of moving objects is a crucial and difficult task during visual object tracking. In this study, a comprehensive spatial feature similarity (CSFS) strategy is proposed to compute the confidence level of target features. This strategy is used to determine the current position of the target among candidates during the(More)
It is a challenge to represent the target appearance model for moving object tracking under complex environment. This study presents a novel method with appearance model described by double templates based on timed motion history image with HSV color histogram feature (tMHI-HSV). The main components include offline template and online template(More)
The demand to have secure environments for systems' information on cloud systems is arising since this should be more secure and far away from our systems damage disasters and data corruption. The dream became real with the cloud computing. Cloud computing is being more famous and used especially in the enterprises where the cost matters. These enterprises(More)
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