Mervée Hoffmann

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Blood plasma samples were collected from wild bream (Abramis brama L.) in the Elbe River, Germany, and analyzed for the yolk protein precursor vitellogenin (VTG), a biomarker for estrogen exposure, and the sex steroids 11-ketotestosterone (11KT), testosterone (T), and 17beta-estradiol (E2) to investigate for evidence of endocrine modulation. In addition,(More)
Fog samplers of five different designs were operated simultaneously to assess differences, if any, in measured acidity, analyte concentrations, and liquid water collection efficiencies. Measurements were made at Henninger Flats, a mountainous site a t 777 m msl overlooking the Los Angeles, CA, basin. Samplers were operated by AeroVironment, Inc. (Monrovia,(More)
During the milk feeding period (ca. 55th day of life) and 2 weeks after the milk feeding period (ca. 80th day of life) the influence of a hay quota in the ration (on DM basis) of 6, 10, 14 and 18% in the milk feeding period and of 16, 23, 31 and 37% in the period after milk feeding was tested as to ruminal N metabolization with calves supplied with duodenal(More)
At 30-to-60-day-old lambs reared without mothers 23 different feed mixtures were tested in N-balance experiments. The following results were achieved: The concentration of digestible crude protein and energy as well as the relation between them (PEQ) have no significant influence on the lambs' nitrogen retention. The energy intake and the intake of(More)
Fertility oriented ewes in the late stage of gestation and during the lactation period received 19 feeding regimes on the basis of straw-concentrate mixtures, which essentially differed in the feedstuff structure. The ewes fed ad libitum on average used between 5 and 6 hours per day feed intake in the 86 measuring periods. The average daily ruminating time(More)
A method of the registration of the feed intake and ruminating behaviour of sheep which uses piezoelectric converters was tested. The appliance-technological solution and the feasibility and routine measurings are described. It showed that measurings on the basis of acceleration registration produced similar results as the 'halter method with plate feelers'(More)
Low values for urea were found in samples of ruminal fluid of sheep fed concentrate rations if urea determination was carried out by the urease method. The present paper describes a both simple and sensitive colorimetric method of analysis using diacetyldioxime. The method is suitable for determining urea in coloured solutions such as ruminal fluid or(More)
In two groups of 16 animals each lambs were fed restrictively resp. ad libitum withour ewes with a milk replacer up to the age of four weeks. Maltase activity in the contents of the duodenum and the pancreas homogenate increased with the increasing age of the lambs. The maltase activity of the restrictively fed lambs was higher. The maltase activity in the(More)
Subsequent to a growth experiment with intensively fattened lambs the value of the carcasses of 4 animals each from 7 groups was determined. The control groups with mixed fattening feed for lambs and the groups with wheat and barley mixtures containing urea showed higher carcass yields, net gains, fat percentage and padding, dry matter and fat content of(More)
Based on the fact that the insufficient supply of agricultural domestic animals with drinking water in tropical and subtropical regions is often the factor limiting their performance, the effect of different drinking water supply of sheep (ad libitum, 54% of ad libitum and 27% of ad libitum) on various parameters was studied. A water supply reduced to 54(More)