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Effect of Difference Weed Control Methods to Yield of Lowland Rice in the SOBARI
Weed competition will reduce rice yield. The research aimed to study the effect of difference weed control methods on rice yield in SOBARI. It has been conducted from October 2013 until FebruaryExpand
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Phosphate-solubilizing Microbe from Saprists Peat Soil and their Potency to Enhance Oil Palm Growth and P Uptake
Abstract Constraint of peat land utilization is low nutrent content. This research was conducted to determine the potency of phosphate solubilizing microbes (PSM) in solubilizing P yto increase theExpand
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Pengaruh Kombinasi Pemupukan NPK (14:14:17), dan Mineral Pembenah Tanah, Terhadap Pertumbuhandan Hasil Tanamantembakau (Nicotianatabacum L.) Kultivar sano.
Penelitian yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh kombinasi dosis pupuk NPK (14:14:17) dan mineral  pembenah  tanah terhadap  pertumbuhan dan hasil tanaman tembakau (Nicotianatabacum L .) kultivarExpand
Komposisi Gulma pada Berbagai Jarak Tanam Padi Secara IPAT–BO dan Konvensional
Penelitian yang bertujuan mempelajari komposisi gulma tanaman padi sawah pada sistem bertanam secara IPAT-BO dan konvensional  telah dilaksanakan pada bulan April 2013 sampai bulan Juli 2013 diExpand
Weed Identification On Rice Cultivation Of Sobari System
The experiment was aimed to identify the dominant weed species in order to determine the weed control program on rice cropping System Organik Base Controlled Aerob Rice Intensification TechnologyExpand
Influence of biological control agents Helicoverpa armigera Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus (HaNPV) on intensity of the attack twig caterpillar (Ectropis bhurmitra Wlk) and yield of tea plant (Camellia
The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of Helicoverpa armigera Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus ( Ha NPV) on attack intensity of twig caterpillar ( Ectropis bhurmitra Wlk) and the yieldExpand
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Effect Of Water Level Management On Yield Of Lowland Rice In SOBARI System
Research aimed to study effect of water level management on yield of lowland rice in System of Organic - Based on Controlled Aerobic Rice Intensification (SOBARI) had been conducted in lowland GroupExpand
The Influence of biofertilizer on abundance of Nitrogen Fixing bacteria and growth of Chinchona Plants (Chinchona ledreriana.) Clone Cib. 5
The objective of this research was to eva-luate the effect of biofertilizer on the abundance of nitrogen fixing bacteria and growth of cin-chona plants (Cinchona ledgeriana Moens) clones Cib.5. TheExpand
Abstract Rice is an important component of farming in Indonesia, because it is a staple crop that should be available at all times. Therefore, rice production must be improved both intensive andExpand
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