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Comparison of novel computer detectors and human performance for spike detection in intracranial EEG
OBJECTIVE Interictal spikes in intracranial EEG (iEEG) may correlate with epileptogenic cortex, but review of interictal iEEG is labor intensive. Accurate automated spike detectors are necessary forExpand
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Iatrogenic spinal hematoma as a complication of lumbar puncture: What is the risk and best management plan?
Background: Lumbar puncture (LP) rarely results in complications such as spinal hematomas. However, it remains unclear if certain variables increase likelihood of these events, or if surgicalExpand
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Spatiotemporal Mapping of Interictal Spike Propagation: A Novel Methodology Applied to Pediatric Intracranial EEG Recordings
Synchronized cortical activity is implicated in both normative cognitive functioning and many neurologic disorders. For epilepsy patients with intractable seizures, irregular synchronization withinExpand
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Neurologic illness in Zambia: A neurointensivist's experience
INTRODUCTION Management of critically ill patients in dedicated intensive care units (ICUs) is the standard of care in high income countries (HICs), but remains uncommon in low and middle-incomeExpand
Differentiation of seizure from stroke using advanced imaging in the acute period