Merrill Wilson

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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a 6.6 m diameter, segmented, deployable telescope for cryogenic IR space astronomy (~40 K). The JWST observatory architecture includes the optical telescope element (OTE) and the integrated science instrument module (ISIM) element that contains four science instruments (SI) including a guider. The SI's and Guider are(More)
Rotating-disc systems are used to model the flow and heat transfer that occurs inside the cooling-air systems of gas-turbine engines. In this paper, recent computational and experimental research in three systems is discussed: rotor-stator systems, rotating cavities with superposed flow and buoyancy-induced flow in a rotating cavity. Discussion of the first(More)
The mechanism of operation of a new thruster concept that utilizes solid-state ionic membranes to convert molecules into ions and transmit them to a surface from which they can be extracted into energetic beamlets thereby producing thrust is described. Results of recent experiments are used to estimate the performance of the thruster and the masses of(More)
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