Merrill Weidner

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ii ABSTRACT In certain types of fleet systems, the environmental impacts of fleet operation are, to some extent, a controllable function of vehicle routing and scheduling decisions. However, there has been little prior work that has considered environmental impacts in fleet vehicle routing and scheduling optimization, in particular, where the impacts were(More)
In case of findings of authorized genetically modified (gm) plant ingredients below the 0.9 per cent threshold, exceptions from labelling requirements according to regulation (EC) No. 1829/2003 can only be made, “provided that this presence is adventitious or technically unavoidable”. The authors describe factors that should be considered regarding(More)
Many types of transportation systems, for example, public transit and commercial freight hauling and package delivery, may be categorized as being fleet operations. The environmental impacts of fleet operations such as these are affected by factors including the initial choice and selection of vehicles (types) comprising the fleet, vehicle age and(More)
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