Merriel C. Dewsnup

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Computer graphics has become a very important part of the model development process at Eaton-Kenway. Data entry is aided greatly by user friendly software that takes almost all of the work out of building a data base. Model validity is determined in less time and customer validation has become much easier. This has resulted in more customers wanting to have(More)
The ready availability of personal computers using the Windows Graphical User Interface combined with the ease of use of the ProModel for Windows simulation software and the need to demonstrate feasibility of proposed systems has resulted in a broad new group of modeling users who in the past had to wait for their ideas to be modeled by simulation experts.(More)
The ever increasing complexity of today's manufacturing systems has prompted many companies to turn to simulation as a means of better understanding their processes. This emphasis on simulation has spawned the need for groups internal to the organization to take on the responsibility of applying simulation. While the simulation community has made(More)
In the last two decacles, many different techniques have been developed an c1 invest igated by researchers for surrunarizing the output and drawing conclusions from simulation experiments. These techniques inclllde (but are not limited to): classical statistical aualysis of independent observations produced by replication of terl)linat.i]]g systems; steacly(More)
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