Merrie Brucks

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The authors report the results of a laboratory experiment examining the effects of the meaningfulness of brand names on recall of advertising. The findings indicate that a brand name explicitly conveying a product benefit {e.g., PicturePerfect televisions) leads to higher recall of an advertised benefit claim consistent in meaning with the brand name(More)
Interleukin (IL)-17 plays a critical role in inflammation. Most studies to date have elucidated the inflammatory role of IL-17A, often referred to as IL-17. IL-17F is a member of the IL-17 family bearing 50% homology to IL-17A and can also be present as heterodimer IL-17AF. This study elucidates the distribution and contribution of IL-17A, F and AF in(More)
This study addresses two questions: (1) when youths are exposed to advertisements for cigarettes, do they primarily see advertisements for brands or products, and (2) is there a relationship between youths' understandings of cigarette advertisements and their susceptibility to smoking? A sample of 271 participants ranging in age from 7 to 12 viewed a series(More)
Our here in the western US a "brand" is distinctive symbol placed on livestock (cattle, horses) to indicate their ranch of origin. Brands originated in the 1800's to deter thieves and to place lost animals. The brand is applied by heating an iron template to red-hot and then burning the brand into the hide of the animal. In that context, the title of this(More)
Mulder: "Hey Scully, do you believe in the afterlife?" Scully: "I'd settle for a life in this one." "Shadows" On 10 September 1993, a daring new television drama debuted on the Fox television network. Created by Chris Carter, The X-Files television series features the bizarre exploits of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. These two agents work on the(More)
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