Merret Lauritzen

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Slow variations of the magnetic field were recorded in real time during spreading depression (SD) in the isolated turtle cerebellum. The magnetic signal lasted for 2-10 min with the largest amplitude in the first minute. The field strength was of sufficient magnitude to be measured unaveraged at 2-4 cm from the tissue. The directions and time course of the(More)
This study evaluated the role of excitatory amino acid (EAA) receptor activation in spreading depression (SD), using the in vitro turtle cerebellum as a model system. SD was triggered by electrical stimulation or by elevated K+ after the cerebellum had been conditioned for at least 30 min with physiological saline in which most of the chloride had been(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine the pial arteriolar diameter and evoked vascular responses after single episodes of cortical spreading depression (CSD) in rats and cats in order to elucidate the mechanisms of the persistent change of cortical perfusion which succeeds CSD. This problem is of potential clinical interest also since CSD may be(More)
A superconducting sensor was used to measure the magnetic field evoked from the isolated cerebellum of the turtle by brief electrical stimulations of the dorsal surface. The field was generated by neuronal activities, since its amplitude was reduced when Mn2+ was applied and completely abolished with tetrodotoxin. In normal bathing medium, the field(More)
The present symposium during Brain 99 was convened to explore the current aspects of the neural (extrinsic and intrinsic) and chemical control of the microvasculature in the brain with specific relevance to stimuli and rapid flow responses. N. Suzuki demonstrated the presence of neurokinin-1 receptors along the axons of vasoactive intestinal(More)
The centrifuge is widely used in clinical laboratories for the separation of components. For example in laboratories performing biochemical analyses on body fluids it is routinely used to separate blood cells from plasma, to separate sediment from urine, to measure the volume fraction of erythrocytes in blood (the haematocrit), and to separate bound from(More)
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