Meron Kassaye

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Although the literature on khat (Catha edulis Forsk) is fairly extensive, and several authors have stated the potential adverse effects of habitual use of khat on mental, physical and social well-being, very few population based studies exist to substantiate those statements in Ethiopia. A house-to-house survey of a representative sample of 1200 adults from(More)
A cross sectional, school-based survey using self administered anonymous questionnaire was conducted in Addis Ababa and Western Shoa among high school students to determine the prevalence, and reported outcomes of sexual violence. A total of 1401 female students were involved in the study. The prevalence of completed rape and attempted rape among female(More)
The seriousness in magnitude of physical violence globally, and lack of information on the dimensions and context of the problem in Ethiopia is very visible. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in Meskanena Mareko Woreda, Southern Ethiopia, from November 1 to 30, 1995 to assess the magnitude, type and outcomes of physical violence against married women.(More)
We report results of a cross-sectional survey of modifiable risk factors for coronary heart disease among young people (15-24 years of age) in Addis Ababa, conducted in 1994/95. A city-wide random sample of 1,436 (851 females and 585 males) young people participated in the study. Interviews using structured questionnaires, weight, height and blood pressure(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of prepackaged oral rehydration solutions with homemade cereal-based oral rehydration therapy in the treatment of acute childhood diarrhea in children younger than 5 years. BACKGROUND In Ethiopia, approximately 40% of all mortality in children younger than 5 years, or over 200,000 annual deaths, is attributable to(More)
The treatment of cancer is limited by a number of factors including the low therapeutic index of most chemotherapeutic agents, the emergence of drugand radiation-resistant tumor cells, tumor heterogeneity and the presence of metastatic disease. One of the means to improve the therapeutic index of drugs is by selective or ‘targeted’ delivery to tumor sites.(More)
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