Meroe Vameghi

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BACKGROUND Low birth weight is one of the most important public health issues in developing and developed countries and identifying its etiology is important for prevention. OBJECTIVES Considering the unknown impact of physical activity on low birth weight, this research was conducted to investigate the relationship between physical activity and low birth(More)
BACKGROUND The socioeconomic conditions have made more job opportunities available to women. This has created interest to conduct studies on the effect of working lifestyle on pregnancy outcomes. AIM This study was conducted with the aim to assess the relationship between mothers' working status as a social determinant and the incidence of low birth(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, with socioeconomic changes in the society, the presence of women in the workplace is inevitable. The differences in working condition, especially for pregnant women, has adverse consequences like low birth weight. OBJECTIVES This study was conducted with the aim to model the relationship between working conditions,(More)
Depression is the most common mood and psychiatric disorder. The aim of this comprehensive study was to provide a complete picture of the prevalence and risk factors of depression. The study employed a systematic review methodology, searching Iranian and international databases. After screening and evaluating the articles, a synthesis of 53 articles was(More)
Women may bear the brunt of domestic violence, but children are also inflicted by the consequences of violence between their parents. We sought to evaluate the lifetime prevalence of exposure to physical violence between parents among some senior secondary school students in Tehran. The study was conducted on senior secondary school students in all 19(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The present study was conducted to design and measure psychometrics of mothers' lifestyle scale during pregnancy with regards to Iranians' cultural norms and an approach to social determinants. METHOD this study, started by reviewing previous studies and exploring similar questionnaires that examine different domains of lifestyle(More)
OBJECTIVE Caregivers of cancer patients are exposed to different types of psychosocial stress which influence their quality of life. The purposes of this study were to assess quality of life in caregivers of children with cancer and to investigate the relationship between the caregivers' quality of life and quality of services in the social work section. (More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Globally, children who work and live on the streets are at higher risk of undesired behavioral health outcomes, including increased drug use and abuse. Considering the rapid growth of this population in Iran and the lack of program planning that is partly due to a scarcity of research-based information, this study was conducted in(More)
OBJECTIVES Low birth weight (LBW) is one of the major health problems worldwide. It is important to identify the factors that play a role in the incidence of this adverse pregnancy outcome. This study aimed to develop a tool to measure mothers' lifestyles during pregnancy with a view to the effects of social determinants on health and develop a correlation(More)
The objective of this study was to explore patterns of drug use and sexual risk behaviors among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Iran. We surveyed 500 PWID in Kermanshah concerning demographic characteristics, sexual risk behaviors, and drug-related risk behaviors in the month prior to study. We used latent class analysis (LCA) to establish a baseline(More)