Merlin W Ariefdjohan

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BACKGROUND The influence of diet on intestinal microflora has been investigated mainly using conventional microbiological approaches. Although these studies have advanced knowledge on human intestinal microflora, it is imperative that new methods are applied to facilitate scientific progress. Culture-independent molecular fingerprinting method of Polymerase(More)
Recent findings indicate that cocoa and chocolate, when processed appropriately, may contain relatively large amounts of flavonoids, particularly catechin and epicatechin. We review the benefits of these flavonoids, specifically with regard to cardiovascular health, and raise several unresolved issues that suggest the need for additional research and(More)
The effects of honey and its carbohydrate constituents (glucose, fructose, and raffinose) on calcium absorption in rats were investigated in acute and chronic feeding studies. In the acute study, rats ( n = 120) were gavaged with an oral solution consisting of (a) 10 microCi (45)Ca, (b) 25 mg of calcium as calcium acetate, and (c) one of the following: 0 mg(More)
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