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  • Radiation protection dosimetry
  • 2010
There is an urgent need to standardise the numbering configuration of radiation portal monitor sensing panels. Currently, manufacturers use conflicting numbering schemes that may confuse operators of these varied systems. There is a similar problem encountered with the varied choices of coloured indicator lights and coloured print lines designated for gamma(More)
Growth in the use of ionising radiation for medical sterilisation and the potential for wide-scale international food irradiation have created the need for robust, mass-producible, inexpensive, and highly accurate radiation dosemeters. The Sunna dosemeter, lithium fluoride injection-moulded in a polyethylene matrix, can be read out using either green(More)
Ambient air samples for tritium (as HTO) can be collected using the solid adsorbent silica gel. The purpose of this study was to determine the maximum practical sampling volume and overall collection efficiency for water vapor collected on silica gel columns and to demonstrate the use of an impinger-based system to load water vapor onto silica gel columns.(More)
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