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Combinatorial auctions allow bidders to bid their synergistic values. Because of complementarities between different assets, bidders give their preferences not just for particular items but also for sets or bundles of items. This form of auction shows great potential under some given circumstances but is still in its infancy. The difficulty lies in finding(More)
The nature and extent of use of a website is an important determinant of the success of an electronic business initiative. Hence, it becomes important to understand the different factors behind the use of a website by its intended users. Such an understanding would enable an organization to recognize the drivers of the use of its website and to strive to(More)
The late nineties witnessed adoption of the Internet by organizations, on a very large scale. However, not every organization did experience an equally deep penetration of the Internet in its business. It was followed by the dot-com bubble burst. Many researchers have studied the phenomenon of organizational adoption of the Internet and the associated(More)
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