Merlin Lopus

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Centrosome amplification (CA) and resultant chromosomal instability have long been associated with tumorigenesis. However, exacerbation of CA and relentless centrosome declustering engender robust spindle multipolarity (SM) during mitosis and may induce cell death. Recently, we demonstrated that a noscapinoid member, reduced bromonoscapine,(More)
Tumor suppressor gene, STK11, encodes for serine-threonine kinase, which has a critical role in regulating cell growth and apoptosis. Mutations of the same lead to the inactivation of STK11, which eventually causes different types of cancer. In this study, we focused on identifying those driver mutations through analyzing structural variations of mutants,(More)
In this work, the most detrimental missense mutations of Mad1 protein that cause various types of cancer were identified computationally and the substrate binding efficiencies of those missense mutations were analyzed. Out of 13 missense mutations, IMutant 2.0, SIFTand PolyPhen programs identified 3 variants that were less stable, deleterious and damaging(More)
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