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Reply to Roger E. Bissell: Thinking Volition
The author agrees with much of Roger E. Bissell’s critique of the Objectivist idea of volition (in his July 2015 essay, “Where There’s a Will, There’s a ‘Why’: A Critique of the Objectivist Theory ofExpand
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Egoism and/or Altruism
Ayn Rand's use of “selfishness” and “altruism” was polarizing and contrary to common usage. With the help of Venn diagrams, this essay compares and even reconciles the divergent meanings of egoismExpand
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Egoism and Others
ABSTRACT:Ayn Rand was a strong and influential advocate of self-interest, of ethical egoism. What does her version of egoism mean in practical terms pertaining to interactions with other peopleExpand
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Reply to Marsha Familaro Enright: Conceptual Classifications
This is a reply to Marsha Enright’s essay, “The Problem with Selfishness.” My comments pertain mainly to Enright’s conceptual classification, comparing it with mine in “Egoism and/or Altruism.”
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The Beneficiary Statement and Beyond
The beneficiary statement refers to a passage in the Introduction of The Virtue of Selfishness. It concerns who the beneficiary of an action should be and any breach between actor and beneficiary.Expand
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