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Female sex pheromones applied to freshly isolated, living antennae of male Antheraea polyphemus and Bombyx mori led to an increase of cGMP. A 1:1 mixture of 2 pheromone components of Antheraea polyphemus blown for 10 sec in physiological concentrations over their antennal branches raised cGMP levels about 1.34-fold (+/- 0.08 SEM, n = 23) from a basal level(More)
Courtship songs of normal males and those expressing short-period, long-period, and arrhythmic mutations at the period (per) locus of Drosophila melanogaster have been reanalyzed for rhythmic components, using spectral treatments of the fluctuating rates of tone pulse production that occur during courtship. It was concluded, as in previous studies, that(More)
BACKGROUND Reactive oxygen species have been implicated in the pathogenesis of ischemia/reperfusion (IR) injury. Recent studies suggest that NADPH oxidase may be a source of ROS during IR. Using an in vivo model of endothelial IR injury in the arm, we compared the response to IR in healthy volunteers with that in patients with chronic granulomatous disease.(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper aims to evaluate disease course and outcome of patients in the first 2 years after diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) when treated according to local standard of clinical care, focusing on achievement of inactive disease, functional ability and radiological joint damage. METHODS A retrospective inception cohort study of(More)
OBJECTIVE Evidence suggests an association between vasomotor menopausal symptoms (VMSs), i.e. hot flushes and night sweats, and cardiovascular disease. However, the causal pathway is unclear. We investigated whether an unfavourable cardiovascular risk profile is a risk factor for VMS later in life. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Women aged(More)
The aim of this study was to quantify the relation between classical risk factors (smoking, diabetes, BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure, and lipids), risk factor targets, and risk of recurrent major atherosclerotic cardiovascular events (MACE). This was first done for recurrent MACE ≤65 years in patients aged <60 years and second for recurrent MACE(More)
Hydrotaea irritans is commonly considered to be the primary vector for the bacteria which cause summer mastitis in cattle. A behavioural physiology approach was used to investigate potential host odours (kairomones) that may be used by the fly in finding its host and to determine which substrates or sites on the host may be utilised in feeding. Attractant(More)
Aims To validate and assess performance of the current ACC/AHA very high risk criteria in patients with clinically manifest arterial disease. Methods and results Data were used from the SMART study (n = 7216) and REACH Registry (n = 48 322), two prospective cohorts of patients with manifest atherosclerotic arterial disease. Prevalence and incidence rates(More)