Merley da Silva Conrado

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In this paper we propose an automatic term extraction approach that uses machine learning incorporating varied and rich features of candidate terms. In our preliminary experiments, we also tested different attribute selection methods to verify which features are more relevant for automatic term extraction. We achieved state of the art results for unigram(More)
Terms are the basis for general text mining and natural language processing applications. However, the manual term extraction is unfeasible due to the huge number of words presented in a domain corpus and also the human effort required to do the extraction. For the term extraction task, machine learning techniques have been used to perform automatic term(More)
Term extraction is highly relevant as it is the basis for several tasks, such as the building of dictionaries, taxonomies, and ontologies, as well as the translation and organization of text data. In this paper, we present a survey of the state of the art in automatic term extraction (ATE) for the Brazilian Portuguese language. In this sense, the main(More)
In this paper we describe and compare three approaches for the automatic extraction of medical terms using noun phrases (NPs) previously recognized on medical text corpus in Spanish. In the first approach, as baseline, we extracted all NPs, while for the second and third ones the extraction process is directed to “specific NPs” that are determined on the(More)
Recommendation of textual documents requires indexing mechanisms to extract structured metadata for attribute-aware recommender systems. Applying a variety of text mining algorithms has the advantage of capturing different aspects of unstructured content, resulting in richer descriptions. However, it is difficult to integrate them into a unique model so(More)
Recommending given names is a special case of recommender system that is little explored, but has gained a great interest recently. Indication of names related to a user's query or suggestion of names for parents in order to choose a name for their unborn child are examples of applications of name recommendation. In this paper, we present results for this(More)
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