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Mucosal morphology and faecal bacteriology were studied in 30 patients with ileoanal anastomosis and J-pouch and 10 patients with conventional ileostomy. Patients with ileoanal anastomosis had more acute and chronic inflammatory changes on histological examination than patients with conventional ileostomy. Patients with ileoanal anastomosis had a greater(More)
Over a 2.5-year period, 82 consecutive children complaining of recurrent abdominal pain underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Gastroscopy confirmed pathology in 48 of the children (58.5%). Four of the children, who also had undergone gastroscopy, had other diagnoses (lactose malabsorption, hydronephrosis, yersiniosis), and 30 of the children (36.6%)(More)
The aim of this study was to characterize pediatric pharmacokinetics and central nervous system exposure of naproxen after oral administration. The pharmacokinetics of naproxen was studied in 53 healthy children aged 3 months to 12 years undergoing surgery with spinal anesthesia. Children received preoperatively a single dose of 10 mg/kg oral naproxen(More)
INTRODUCTION Pain is a likely outcome of any surgical procedure. In several countries the use of oxycodone has surpassed that of morphine in postoperative pain management. AREAS COVERED This review summarizes the recent pharmacological and clinical data on oxycodone use for postoperative pain management. The benefits and the impact oxycodone may have on(More)
BACKGROUND Despite being increasingly used for pain management, only two studies, with controversial results, have evaluated the epidural use of oxycodone. METHODS Twenty-four women, aged 26-64 yr, undergoing elective gynaecological surgery were enrolled in this randomized, double-blinded, parallel group study. The subjects were administered either i.v.(More)
AIMS This study was designed to characterize paediatric pharmacokinetics and central nervous system exposure of flurbiprofen. METHODS The pharmacokinetics of flurbiprofen were studied in 64 healthy children aged 3 months to 13 years, undergoing surgery with spinal anaesthesia. Children were administered preoperatively a single dose of flurbiprofen(More)
OBJECTIVE These studies evaluated the feasibility of using oral prolonged-release oxycodone/naloxone (OXN PR) for the management of acute postoperative pain. METHODS Three studies were undertaken: (i) the analgesic efficacy of OXN PR was compared with prolonged-release oxycodone (OXY PR) in patients with knee arthroplasty in an immediate postoperative(More)
Laparoscopic surgery is widespread, and an increasing number of surgeries are performed laparoscopically. Early pain after laparoscopy can be similar or even more severe than that after open surgery. Thus, proactive pain management should be provided. Pain after laparoscopic surgery is derived from multiple origins; therefore, a single agent is seldom(More)
We studied histologically antral biopsies from 89 consecutive patients with chronic renal failure for Helicobacter pylori (previously Campylobacter pylori). A dose-response gastric secretion test was also performed. The frequency of Helicobacter-positive subjects was low (15/89, 17%), corresponding to figures reported in the literature for young symptomless(More)
Absorption of bile acids was investigated using 75Se-homotaurocholate (SeHCAT) in 27 patients with ileoanal anastomosis and J-pouch, 7 patients with conventional ileostomy and 9 non-operated patients with ulcerative colitis. Retention of SeHCAT at seven days was higher in non-operated patients than in patients with ileoanal anastomosis (P less than 0.001)(More)