Merja Koikkalainen

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The focus of this study was to describe changes the patients make in eating and weight control habits 3--4 months after diagnosis of myocardial infarction, and to identify difficulties associated with the reported changes 1 month later. Subjects were 50 male patients (mean age 48 years, mean body mass index 27.9kg/m(2)) participating in an in-patient(More)
Objective: To study barriers in following nutritional advice among coronary heart disease patients in relation to dietary fat intake.Design: A cross-sectional study using 4-day food records and a questionnaire with regard to barriers to or difficulties in following dietary advice.Subjects: Altogether, 362 male subjects with coronary heart disease from two(More)
The aim of the present study was to identify reasons why cardiac patients do not follow nutritional advice which is given during rehabilitation. Barriers or expected problems in nutritional advice perceived during rehabilitation were obtained via a structured interview. Forty-eight cardiac patients (41-82 years; 15 females, 33 males) were interviewed during(More)
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