Merita Tirić-Čampara

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INTRODUCTION Correction of pediatric spine deformities is challenging surgical procedures. This fragile group of patients has many risk factors, therefore prevention of most fearing complication-paraplegia is extremely important. Monitoring of transmission of neurophysiological impulses through motor and sensor pathways of spinal cord gives us an insight(More)
INTRODUCTION Stroke is the third leading cause of mortality, disability and dementia, but leading cause of epileptic manifestations in the elderly. Diabetes mellitus as permanently elevated blood glucose, often accompanied by dyslipidemia, is among the leading causes of atherosclerotic alteration in blood vessels and is also increasing in the world. GOAL(More)
INTRODUCTION High intensity cutaneous stimulus transiently suppresses tonic voluntary muscle activity resulting in cutaneous silent period (CSP). AIM The aim of our study was to evaluate the normal values of an onset latency L1, a late latency L2 and a duration of CSP after stimulating sensory fibres of the median nerve. MATERIAL AND METHODS This(More)
Stroke is a suddenly developing disorder, caused by focal disturbance of cerebral circulation, followed by neurologic deficits of varying intensity with duration longer than 1 hour; it mostly occurs in old and middle age, and rarely at a younger age. The aim of the study was to analyze the occurrence of stroke at a younger age (18-49 years). We analyzed all(More)
INTRODUCTION Meniere's disease is a condition with sudden attacks of vertigo with nausea and vomiting accompanied by loss of hearing and buzzing sensation in the ears, most commonly unilateral. The exact cause of the disease is unknown. Betahistine is the analogue of histamine with weaker agonistic effect on histamine H1 receptors and stronger effect on(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory, autoimmune, disease of the white mass of the brain, which sometimes may involve the gray matter (subcortical and ones in the anterior horns of the spinal cord) with the chronic nature and generally with progressive course. As a possible cause of this disease state are listed genetic predisposition, early(More)
Technological diseases are diseases of the modern era. Some are caused by occupational exposures, and are marked with direct professional relation, or the action of harmful effects in the workplace. Due to the increasing incidence of these diseases on specific workplaces which may be caused by one or more causal factors present in the workplace today, these(More)
INTRODUCTION Risk assessment for development foot ulcer in diabetics is a key aspect in any plan and program for prevention of non-traumatic amputation of lower extremities. MATERIAL AND METHODS In the prospective research to assessed diabetic neuropathy in diabetic patients, to determined the dynamic function of the foot (plantar pressure), by using(More)
Transcranial B-mode sonography (TCS) has been increasingly used as a diagnostic tool in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and related movement and other neurodegenerative disorders. Th e specifi c advantages of TCS are the diff erent visualization of brain structures compared to other neuroimaging methods due to the diff erent physical imaging principle,(More)
INTRODUCTION Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)represents hemorrhage in the space between arachnoidea and pia mater, due to aneurysm burst, spontaneously or as a consequence of trauma. It is condition that occurs more common in women than men, and its most common complications are rebleeding and vazospasm. As a result of vasospasm, develops ischemia in the(More)