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Thirty-one materials have been tested in compression in order to generate the stress (force per unit of cross-sectional area) versus strain (deformation) behaviour, for the purpose of assessing the suitability of various foamed plastics and rubbers as shoe insole materials. It was found that the materials could be classified into three distinct categories(More)
The compressive characteristics of a group of foamed plastics and rubbers, suitable for use as orthotic shoe insoles, were assessed for any changes incurred as a result of exposure to a series of simulated service conditions. The service conditions considered in this study were heat (accelerated aging), sustained deflection (compression set), and cyclic(More)
abstract: Colorado State University librarians conducted five focus groups with thirty-one faculty, research scientists, and research associates. The groups explored: (1) The nature of data sets that these researchers create or maintain; (2) How participants manage their data; (3) Needs for support that the participants identify in relation to sharing,(More)
Equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) is an innovative emerging approach to mental health treatment. This narrative synthesis explores the current state of knowledge and areas for future research in EAP. Specifically reviewed are qualitative and quantitative empirical studies, including both articles published in peer-reviewed journals and research presented(More)
College student mentors are increasingly mentoring at-risk youth, yet little is known about the benefits that college students derive from their experience mentoring within the context of a service-learning course. This qualitative study used focus groups to examine college students' experiences as participants in a unique program, Campus Corps: Therapeutic(More)
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